June 30, 2010: Recap Of Reported Salmonella Outbreaks In 2010

A brief summary of the major reported Salmonella outbreaks that occurred during the first half of 2010. 

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Illinois Subway Restaurants:

Since May 2010, there have been 97 confirmed cases in the Salmonella Hvittingfoss outbreak linked to Subway restaurants located in 28 Illinois counties. The source of contamination is still unknown.


DanieleInc., Ready-to-eat Meats:

A Salmonella Montevideo outbreak, which sickened 272 people in 44 states since July 2009, was linked to salami and other ready-to-eat meat products produced by Daniele Inc. The company recalled 1.3 million pounds of ready-to-eat meat products on January 23, after health officials detected the strain of Salmonella Montevideo in samples of black and red pepper used in production of the Italian-style meats.


Caldwell Fresh Foods Alfalfa Sprouts:

An outbreak of Salmonella Newport was linked to consumption of raw alfalfa sprouts. Since March, there have been at least 35 confirmed cases of Salmonella Newport in 10 states. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an investigation traced the contaminated sprouts, which were purchased at various restaurants and grocery stores, to Caldwell Fresh Foods. On May 21, the company issued a recall of all alfalfa sprouts manufactured under the Caldwell FreshFoods, Nature’s Choice, and California Exotics brands.


Oregon Restaurant, Los Dos Amigos:

Los Dos Amigos, a Mexican restaurant located in Roseburg, Oregon, was associated with an outbreak of Salmonella, which left 30 people ill. The outbreak occurred in mid-April and, according to the Douglas County Public Health Department, was likely caused by cross-contamination.


Casa Lopez, Ohio Restaurant:

According to the Athens City-County Health Department, Casa Lopez, an Athens, Ohio restaurant, was linked to an outbreak of Salmonella which sickened 41 people since early May.


Frozen Ahi Tuna:

According to the Hawaii State Department of Health, an outbreak of Salmonella Paratyphi B, which affected 10 people, was linked to imported frozen ahi tuna. The tuna was reportedly purchased at various locations on Oahu from February 27 through April 6.


California Margarita Mix-Off:

An outbreak of Salmonella, associated with a Margarita Mix-Off event held in Chico, California left 15 people sickened. Food from six local restaurants was served at the May 8 event. The precise source of contamination has not yet been identified.


NJ Restaurant, Iberia Peninsula:

An outbreak of Salmonella, which sickened dozens of people in early January, was linked to Iberia Peninsula, a Newark, New Jersey restaurant.


PA Restaurant, Nunzi’s Place:

On June 9, the Erie County Health Department temporarily closed Nunzi’s Place, after the Pennsylvania restaurant was linked to eight confirmed Salmonella cases.



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