April 11, 2009: Listeria Contamination Prompts Sprout Recall

Amalgamated Produce of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has issued a recall for it sprouts, because the products may be contaminated with the foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes.  Included in the recall are Specialty Farms, Vermont Sprout House, Nature’s Promise and BroccoSprouts (distributed by API, Bridgeport, CT), with sell by date codes of March 31 through April 27, 2009.

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Listeria can cause a serious and life-threatening infection known as listeriosis.  Infants and young children, the elderly, and those individuals with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk for developing complications related to the infection.  Listeriosis can also cause miscarriages or stillbirths among pregnant women.  To learn more, please see Listeriosis Symptoms. 

The following table lists the sprouts subject to the recall.  All of the recalled sprouts have a sell by date code from March 31 through April 27, 2009; and with the exception of 8 oz Nature’s Promise Organic Alfalfa, all of the items are net weight 4 oz.  

Specialty Farms Organic Alfalfa Sprouts 8192400052
Specialty Farms Organic Sprout Salad 8192400024
Specialty Farms Organic Spicy Sprouts 8192400058
Specialty Farms Organic Clover Sprouts 8192400042
Specialty Farms Lucky Clover Sprouts 8192400091
Specialty Farms Broccoli Rabe Sprouts 8192400076
Vermont Sprout House Organic Alfalfa Sprouts 2213601290
Vermont Sprout House Organic Clover 2213601293
Vermont Sprout House Organic Bean Mix 2213601180
Nature’s Promise Organic Zesty Sprouts 8826703903
Nature’s Promise Organic Alfalfa Spouts 8826704741
Nature’s Promise Organic Alfalfa Sprouts (8 oz) 8826704102
Nature’s Promise Organic Sprouts to Munch 8826704100
BroccoSprouts Broccoli Sprouts 1509800025
BroccoSprouts Salad Blend Broccoli, clover & radish 1509800026
BroccoSprouts Deli Blend Broccoli, clover & mustard 1509800027
BroccoSprouts Organic Broccoli Sprouts -- 100% organic 1509800118
BroccoSprouts Organic Deli Blend 100% organic broccoli, clover & mustard 1509800120
BroccoSprouts Organic Salad Blend 100% organic broccoli, clover & radish 1509800119
5 pound bulk alfalfa Plastic bagged sprouts in a box with sticker identifying 5 pound bulk alfalfa, Julian dates 069 through 097

The recall sprouts were distributed in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Consumers should not eat the recalled sprouts. 

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